All tuition is due the 1st of each month, September – May. The registration fee (one-time fee) is due with September tuition (see below). 

A late fee of $10. will be applied after the 5th of each month. 

.75 hours weekly              $45. monthly

1  hour weekly                  $60. monthly

1.5 hours weekly              $90. monthly

2  hours weekly                 $110. monthly

2.5 hours weekly              $120. monthly

3  hours weekly                 $130. monthly

3.5 hours weekly              $140. monthly

4  hours weekly                 $150. monthly

4.5 hours weekly              $160. monthly

5  hours weekly                 $170. monthly

5.5 hours weekly               $180. monthly

6 hours weekly                $190. monthly

7+ hours weekly               $195. monthly


Technique based private lessons are open to all students in any style.

Solo, duet, trio and quad choreography open only to The Floor Performance Company members and are on an audition basis. Scheduling is flexible. 

1 hour private (solo)                     $60. per student

45 minute private (solo)               $45. per student

1/2 hour private (solo)                  $30. per student

1/2 hour (duet/trio)                        $15. per student


One time fee, due September 1st with first month’s tuition.

One dancer: $25.              Two or more dancers: $40. per family


10% off the second child. 15% off the third child.


Costume fees apply to members of THE FLOOR Performance Company and recreation classes. Fees range from $50. – $85. per costume. Dancers may be in 1 – 5 pieces of group choreography (not including solos, duets). Costume fees will be due October 15th, 2020.

All checks should be made payable to THE FLOOR DANCE COMPANY.